She Hulk: the series laminated by review bombing even before its release

She Hulk is the latest Marvel production to be the victim of review bombing… when the series hadn’t even been released yet. There were big level in the comments.

The MCU continues today its extension on the small screen with She Hulk. Available now on Disney+, the new series was skyrocketed on the famous IMDB site even before its release. Feign surprise, the reasons are ridiculous to say the least.

She Hulk victim of review bombing before its release

It’s the big day for She Hulk. The series marking the arrival of Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) as Jennifer Walters is finally available on Disney+. However, a few hours before its official launch it was the victim of review bombing. Several people have indeed stormed a large American site dedicated to cinema to downgrade the series and deck it out with catastrophic notes. The reasons ? The special effects or even the lighter tone shown in the trailers, but also the fact that it is a woman.

There are indeed some who just can’t stand having the female equivalent of the Hulk. The prize for the most ridiculous comment still goes to the man who wrote this: ” Seriously create a new female superhero but stop changing male historical figures to impersonations with females just for equality. It becomes ridiculous. This person is reminded that She Hulk first appeared in comics in 1980.

She Hulk review bombing

Who are the people who left the lowest ratings even before the release of She Hulk? No surprise, it’s an overwhelming majority of men and what’s more are thirty or more. It was largely this same demographic that had subjected Ms Marvel to the same treatment, deemed too wokeat Moon Knightfor acknowledging the existence of the Armenian Genocide, and to the film The Eternals for showing a homosexual kiss on screen. The first to have been the victim of such treatment, however, is Captain Marvel: not smiling enough, too feminist and so on.

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