Shadow does more than cloud computing and launches… into storage

This is not the first time that we have spoken to you about Shadow, the French cloud computing service which allows you to rent a PC. Very access gaming, it allows to have at its disposal a remote war machine against a monthly subscription. Well, with the aim of diversifying, particularly in the face of the aggressive offer in the cloud gaming environment, the company is launching Shadow Drive.

Shadow Drive for your storage


Tested by 25,000 people since the summer, this service is now available in 11 European countries, including of course France. Deployment in North America is planned for next year. The Shadow Drive service is divided into two, a free “discovery” offer which gives access to 20 GB of storage and 2 TB space by paying 8.99 euros per month. Note that the stored content is synchronized across all subscriber devices via the NextCloud company.

Shadow is free up to 20 GB of storage. And by free, we don’t mean “freemium”: our users’ data will never be sold or exploited, and we will never include advertising. A premium version of the service (€8.99 per month) offers storage up to 2 TB.

This Drive is accessible via its web interface and through Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS applications (still in beta version). Visit our page Downloads for more details. As with all SHADOW services, this is a non-binding offer, and is independent of any Shadow subscription pc.

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