Series The Witcher : criticized, the screenwriters silence the rumors

Series The Witcher : criticized, the screenwriters silence the rumors

Criticized from all sides, the scriptwriters of The Witcher series defend themselves and silence the rumors.

Not long ago, then in full promotion for a new project, Beau Demayo, former screenwriter of the series The Witcher, had openly criticized his colleagues, saying that the latter did not like the books and literally laughed at the original work of the witcher. Unfortunately, it did not take less for the current showrunners of the series, like Lauren Hissrich, to be set on fire on social networks. During an interview for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Gazette, the screenwriter returned to this sad story.

No, the screenwriters of The Witcher don’t laugh

While the series The Witcher will soon be entitled to a third season, internally, the atmosphere is explosive. After being strongly criticized by her former colleague and a good part of the fans on social networks, screenwriter Lauren Hissrich defended herself by saying that she infinitely respects the original works of Andrzej Sapkowski, with whom she has already been able to exchange many times.

I think if you look…any interview I’ve ever done…including the ones with Andrzej Sapkowski…you’ll see that I’m quite a fan of the books. I love books. I suck at games but that’s me, not them. I have never made fun of books… Books are my livelihood, I have a great relationship with Mr. Sapkowski and the “writers rooms” are sacred and wholesome and are – more than anything – supportive spaces . Don’t believe everything you read.

Via Sci_Fi & Fantasy Gazette

Lauren Hissrich therefore insists that none of the screenwriters of the series The Witcher doesn’t make fun of the witcher’s universe. The showrunner does not really understand Beau Demayo’s remarks and even claims to respect him for what he has done. Besides, fun fact, he is the author of one of the most controversial elements among fans: the treatment of Kaer Morhen, the witchers and the death of Eskel.

I have a lot of respect for Beau and the episodes he wrote! The Striga episode is one of my favorites. He wrote the one where people arrive at Kaer Morhen and in which Eskel died, which had a lot of repercussions. But he was brave in telling the story he wanted to tell. You have to have a lot of ass to do that. I respect that.

Via Sci_Fi & Fantasy Gazette

The showrunners fight back

Lauren Hissrich is not the only one to have spoken on the subject, other screenwriters of the series, like Javier Grillo-Marxuach, defended their comrade on social networks by affirming that all the everyone was taking care of the series and that the rumors were indeed false.

So much has been said, allow me to add my stone to the building: Lauren is one of the best showrunners I’ve known, and the writers are among the most dedicated and cooperative. Season 3 contains some of Cavill’s (and our own) best performances, and what follows is going to blow people away! The rumors are wrong, I was present every day of Season 3 and experienced a workplace that was awesome, and without any “hatred” of the source material.


If fans didn’t particularly like how certain events and characters are handled in the series The Witcher and regret the departure of Henry Cavill, who could be found in Superman, the screenwriters affirm that they do their best and infinitely respect the works from which they are inspired.
The words of former writer Beau Demayo would therefore only be a “tissue of lies” as screenwriter and producer Matt D’Ambrosio asserts on Twitter.

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