Series The Last of Us : One of the game’s biggest secrets revealed?

Series The Last of Us : One of the game's biggest secrets revealed?

As for the series The Walking DeadGames The Last of Us quickly put the human before the monster in their way of developing the universe. If the monsters that we encounter throughout the games are an integral part of the universe and of the experience (they have nevertheless reduced humanity to nothing) we ultimately know very little about them. But according to the latest clues found by fans, it could be that the series lifts the veil on a question that everyone has asked themselves at least once while playing: where does the infection come from?

Series The Last of Us could reveal the origin of the parasite

It is in any case a theory raised on social networks as the account tells us. Naughty Dog Info on Twitter. According to the latest information, the Cordyceps infection that is destroying the planet in The Last of Us would therefore probably have started in Indonesia. And to support the theory, Naughty Dog Info is based on footage from the set and one of the series’ trailers. First, in one of the trailers, it is indeed possible to see a scientist played by Christine Hakim, an actress of Indonesian origin and the latter seems to remove a sample of fungible tissue to study it.
Besides that, set photos show that the series The Last of Us filmed several sequences in a building in Calgary, Canada, with material referring to the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

In addition, before the broadcast of these images, an extra, whose identity unfortunately cannot be verified, said that he would have participated in some sequences shot near a Vietnamese restaurant. The scene in question followed an Indonesian general, escorted by soldiers, who hurriedly fetched a scientist from the facility. The extra, however, could not see or hear what happened inside the building, but he says that the costumes and sets were reminiscent of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, in the 80s and 90s.

An origin story for Cordyceps?

In the games of Naugthy Dog, there is never any direct mention of the origin of the parasitic fungus and even less of Indonesia. We can find some clues here and there mentioning in particular the fact that the infection would have a link with certain cultures, and reports showing that the deadly fungus would have infected South America and Central America in particular. But in any case, its origin remains unknown.

The show therefore has a boulevard to surprise us and as it had already been said, the series The Last of Us should change our vision of games by bringing much more elements and consistency to the lore and characters of the license of Naughty Dog. Flashbacks or sequences taking place in the past have already been announced, so it could be that we finally discover where the parasite comes from that is gradually transforming humanity into monsters.

Series The Last of Us is expected on HBO Max by January 15, 2023, but still has no date or broadcast platform in France. The show should return to a good part of the events of the first game, and much more visibly.

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