SEGA Rally: The legendary racing game gets a fan remake under UE5

SEGA Rally: The legendary racing game gets a fan remake under UE5

Even if you’re not necessarily a big fan of car games, you’ve probably heard the cult name of SEGA Rally. It was indeed in 1994 on arcade terminals that the saga hatched. With several versions on SEGA Saturn then PC in 1997, the racing game enjoyed great popularity. On the strength of its success, the license lasted until 2008 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before dying out.

The nostalgia under Unreal Engine 5

It’s a game that carries a big imprint of nostalgia. It is also for this reason that a certain amateur modder/developer by the name of Alessandro Schiassi wanted to make a remake of it under Unreal Engine 5. The latest version of Epic’s acclaimed head-turning engine.

As you can see in the video above, the result is quite stunning. The project even has a name: Over Jump. The purpose of the maneuver is obviously also to avoid the wrath of SEGA as to the use of the brand name. It’s a serious project since the developer is currently on its tenth month of work on the subject.

Sega Rally in version 2022 with a demo at stake

He has even already announced that he intends to reproduce the Desert circuit as well as the Time Attack mode with the aim of publishing a demo. Obviously he will have to monitor Sega’s reactions since you never know when a publisher will come knocking on the door to explain that the project is illegal/not suitable.

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