Scream 6: an agonizing first teaser with the star of Wednesday

Scream 6: an agonizing first teaser with the star of Wednesday

After a fifth episode that thoroughly overwhelmed the nostalgia of its fans, Scream 6 puts the cover back and also brings back some well-known faces.

Scream 6 finally shows up

We will notably find the superstar of the Netflix series Wednesdaythe talented Jenna Ortega, her fictitious sister Melissa Barrera, but also Hayden Panettiere who will resume his role here as Kirby Reed, 11 years after surviving the killer in Scream 4. It is also said that Courtney Cox should also return for this sixth installment. On the other hand, Neve Campbell, yet the main figure of the series, will not re-enlist. The actress has indeed fallen out with the production for a whole host of reasons and ended up turning her back on the license once and for all.

Scream 6 will be released in theaters on March 10, 2023 and will follow the misadventures of the two sisters Carpenter and the twins Chad and Minky Meeks who, after surviving the onslaught of Ghostface in the previous film, leave Woodsboro for New York. Lack of luck, the murders will quickly resume and a new killer will start harassing them, even in the subway.
We have to believe that this time, he is really hungry to the point of attacking his victims in public. Moreover, it was said that the film would be particularly gory, much bloodier than the previous films. On the other hand, the license was never really known for its hectoliters of hemoglobin, even if some feature films had tried it, like Scream 4 for example. Verdict early next year.

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