Sara Giraudeau and Vincent Macaigne: “Night doctor was a very tense shoot”


Elie Wajeman’s “Night Doctor” hits theaters June 16. For the occasion we met Vincent Macaigne and Sara Giraudeau. The two performers engage in a surprisingly funny interview that earned the duo a good laugh. Interview to be discovered in the video above.

Night doctor, a captivating film noir

In Night doctor Vincent Macaigne plays Mikaël. At night, he travels around the city helping patients, some of whom are drug addicts. With his pharmacist cousin (Pio Marmaï) he participates in the trafficking of Subutex. But as he asks him to go further and prescribe a more controlled drug, Fentanyl, Mikaël begins to switch. Torn between his wife and his mistress (played by Sara Giraudeau), he knows he must stop with this life. But does not totally manage to extract itself from it.

Night doctor © Diaphana Distribution

Directed by Elie Wajeman, Night doctor is a suffocating film noir recalling certain films by Jean-Pierre Melville. Inside, Sara Giraudeau surprises as a captivating femme fatale, just like Vincent Macaigne with his gangster airs. The kind of role in which we have rarely seen the actor and which once again proves all his talent. Finally, the world of a night doctor, rarely shown on the screen and even less in this way, lends itself perfectly to the drama under thriller.

Sara Giraudeau and Vincent Macaigne in duo

To talk to us about the film, we met the two performers Sara Giraudeau and Vincent Macaigne (video interview in one article). The opportunity to see them in full laughter to sum up this fascinating film. Once their minds come to their senses, the duo explains how they approached this night shoot. Short and necessarily tight production which is felt precisely in the image. Finally, it was above all a meeting between Sara Giraudeau and Vincent Macaigne, “not disappointing“according to her, and full”sweetness” according to him :

Sara Giraudeau brings a form of grace and magic to the role which is quite exceptional.

Night doctor is to be discovered in theaters on June 16, 2021. Find here the trailer of the film.

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