Samsung TV: the Q70A 4K QLED 55″ at only €574!

Samsung TV: the Q70A 4K QLED 55" at only €574!

Are you looking for a good 4K TV for your PS5 or your Xbox Series without plucking you? The Q70A 4K QLED TV is perfect for your consoles, but also for watching your favorite programs on different streaming platforms! And, take advantage of it, it is currently on sale at Cdiscount!

The Samsung Q70A 4K QLED TV is on sale at Cdiscount!

The ideal 4K QLED TV for your console and at a low price can only be the Q70A. It fulfills all these conditions. Besides, it’s a Samsung TV! Currently, Cdiscout is in the process of emptying its old TV stocks, for the arrival of the sales. So now is the perfect time to get quality products while saving a lot of money.

  • The initial price of the Q70A is €669.99, but with this promotion it drops to just €599.99, a saving of €70!

A reduction of €70 is more than comfortable, knowing that the current cost is very far from the launch price, which was €899.

If you are a Cdiscount member at will, using the code 25D299CD, you will benefit from an additional 25 €! The TV will ultimately cost you €574.99. It’s a promotion that’s worth it!

Samsung’s 4K QLED Q70A TV is perfect for the PS5!

If you want to save money, while having quality products, the good idea is to always bet on older products when stocks are available. Often on promotion, they even manage to compete with certain products that have recently been released, especially in terms of quality/price ratio. This is how it is possible to find perfect TVs for consoles without spending a lot of money.

Regarding the performance of the Q70A TV, thanks to its HDMI 2.1 connector, it supports 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, it has VRR and FreeSync Premium Pro, in order to guarantee smooth and stable gameplay. .

And of course, it’s a Smart TV under Tizen OS, which will allow you to access Netflix, Prime Video and many other platforms!

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