Sales Steam : the next known dates, any changes to come?

Sales Steam : the next known dates, any changes to come?

Valve’s policy will change to Steam and the rhythm of the four seasonal promotional events will change (a little). Thus, as of calendar year 2023, theSpring Sale will replace Lunar New Year Sale as a seasonal promotional event.

think spring!” (on Steam)

Steam therefore adds the spring sales at the request of the community of development and publishing teams. Thus, there will be more opportunities offered between the four main seasonal promotional events. Since winter promotions and Lunar New Year promotions tended to overlap. So this is a change mainly for developers.

Dates to remember :

Here are the new dates to remember for the sales Steam :

  • Fall sales: November 22-29
  • Winter sales: from December 22 to January 5
  • Spring sales: March 16 to 23

Valve takes the opportunity to get out a small FAQ on the disappearance of the Lunar New Year:

Q. Are the Lunar New Year sales going away? Will there still be discounted games during Lunar New Year?

The first edition of the Lunar New Year sales on Steam took place in 2016, with the aim of celebrating the influx of new development teams and customers from territories such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea. This new opportunity to organize sales Steam delighted the publishing teams, as well as the players around the world. However, based on feedback we have received over the years, it has become apparent that the Lunar New Year conflicts with the Winter Sale in December. We believe that many publishing teams will still choose the Lunar New Year period to offer discounts using the discount tools. However, extending the time between each seasonal sale Steam would benefit customers more.

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