Sailor Moon: here is the American version that never saw the light of day (and that’s good)

Sailor Moon, like Dragon Ball Z or the Ninja Turtles, is a pop culture reference that has accompanied the mornings of millions of spectators. But on American soil, the franchise could have had another fate that contrasts completely with the original Japanese work.

Saban Moon, the US Sailor Moon with actresses with Freedent smiles

Some Internet users embark on “careers” of treasure hunters to find lost media. This is what Ray Mona, a youtuber, who has posted a documentary to shed light on Saban Moon, the American version of Sailor Moon which did not go beyond the pilot stage. And given the images, we suspect why.

Her investigation will probably be of interest to diehard fans, but what will get a lot of the buzz are the footage of the pilot she managed to obtain from the Library of Congress, Washington, with the help of the former US president of Bandai. Unlike Japanese anime, this version should have alternated between animated sequences and live action sequences with live actors. The result is… special, not to say uncomfortable.

Sailor Moon: here is the American version that never saw the light of day (and that's good)

Clips are available in the video at the top of our article, with captures in our gallery, but for those who want to dig in, here’s the part 1 and the part 2 of the doc. The series, developed by Renaissance Atlantic and Toon Makers, will therefore not have passed the pilot stage. The credits, a remnant of this abandoned project, can be seen below.

Did you know of the existence of Saban Moon? What do you think of the excerpts? Did the two companies do well to stop there? Tell us everything comments.

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