Rings of Power: season 2 of the Amazon series will be very different

Rings of Power producer Lindsey Weber spoke to the newspaper Deadline of what was to come in the second season of the Amazon Prime series. The opportunity to make teasing and … spoiler. Be careful before reading this news.

A little teasing for the Rings of Power season 2

Rings of Power: season 2 of the Amazon series will be very different
Halbrand’s character.

SPOILERS : Weber therefore explained that season 2 would be fundamentally different because the character of Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) was revealed to be Sauron. The villain is now on the loose and this will lead to some changes in season 2. She says about it:

It will be more serious, more intense, maybe a little scarier. Certainly there are the same tonal ranges as in the series, which seem fundamental to us to feel in Middle-earth, but once Sauron is openly in motion and he puts his plans into action, things become quite interesting.

However, nothing is definitive since she adds at the same time:

These early days are kind of a luxury for us because we’re just getting started and the guys are still writing, you know, polishing the script for season 2, so they’re writing it

Patrick McKay, officiating as director explains at the same time:

Part of the fun of telling a story in Middle-earth is that there are all these wonderful canon characters that you met in season 1 and then there are additional canon characters that we’re going to get in the seasons future.

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