Rick and Morty on Adult Swim: Justin Roiland made his biggest dream come true thanks to the series


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With the release of the fifth season of “Rick and Morty” in full swing on Adult Swim, series co-creator Dan Harmon has confirmed that season 7 is already in the works!

Adult Swim

In an interview with Variety, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland reviewed the animated series, whose fifth season is currently airing on Adult Swim; the screenwriter thus revealed that the development of the franchise, including derivative products and toys, marked for him the fulfillment of a dream.

“This has always been my ultimate dream. I told myself that if I could create a franchise that would be available in toys, I would just have to put my hat away and walk towards the setting sun, with the satisfaction of ‘having fulfilled my greatest fantasy. And that’s what happened. “ he confided with enthusiasm to our American colleagues.

Also interviewed by Variety, the other creator of the series Dan Harmon praised the accompaniment of the program by Adult Swim; “In the early stages of development, the chain told us how they worked, but Justin immediately addressed the issue of merchandising and franchise expansion, which has been beneficial for everyone, and there is still extremely involved in this aspect. “

Season 7 already in preparation

As for the content of season 5 currently in broadcast, the creators did not want to reveal too much. Justin Roiland has nevertheless confirmed that the next episodes will tie more to the canon of the series to form a more global plot.

This season we have classic Rick and Morty adventures. But like we’ve done in other seasons, there are also going to be some storylines that tie into the whole series. And I think the fans will really like it… I can’t wait for these episodes to air. I think it’s the best season we’ve been producing in a while. Which doesn’t really make sense since we’re only in the fifth season!

Recall that the future of the series Rick and morty promises to be more than radiant with a season 6 being edited, and a seventh already being written! Enough to ensure that the series is broadcast for at least a few more years …

Until then, there is no doubt that new lines of derivative products will emerge to further realize the dream of Justin Roiland, who is currently overseeing the construction of a robot designed for the sole purpose of passing butter at the table (seen in the episode The little bou-Rick of horrors).

The fifth season of Rick and morty is broadcast every Monday exclusively on Adult Swim.

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