Rick and Morty: Justin Roiland ousted on very serious charges

Rick and Morty: Justin Roiland ousted on very serious charges

Rick & Morty, an absolutely cult trashy animation series, and High on Life, a crazy PC and Xbox exclusive FPS, have just lost one of their creators following a terrible case of domestic violence. Justin Roiland, creator, author and actor on both projects, was, indeed, charged with domestic violence some time ago. Serious accusations which have recently been put forward and which have forced most of the director’s collaborators to cut ties.

Rick & Morty and High on Life lose their creator

Adult Swim, the American channel dealing with rick and morty for many years, has indeed just severed its association with Justin Roiland following the accusations brought against the latter. Rick & Morty is not in danger, however, and the series will continue without its co-creator. As a result, the voices of the characters that Roiland dubbed will have to be changed soon.

At the same time, Roiland was pressured to leave his video game development studio Squanch Games.
The studio, created in 2016 by Justin Roiland, was at the origin of games with humor as acid, trashy and caustic as rick and morty, if not even more. We think in particular of Trover Saves The Universe, an adventure / platform game playable in VR, or the recent FPS High on Life, which made a lot of noise when it was released exclusively on Xbox and PC. The two companies split a brief statement to report on the situation on Twitter.

Adult Swim has terminated its collaboration with Justin Roiland. rick and morty continuous and our talented team is working hard on season 7

Adult Swim, Twitter

On January 16, 2023, Squanch Games has just received the resignation of Justin Roiland. The passionate team at Squanch will continue to develop games that our fans will love, while continuing to support and improve High on Life.

Squanch Games, Twitter

Serious accusations that do not date from yesterday

From now on, Justin Roiland therefore no longer has any connection with his creations and let it be the series rick and morty or the Squanch Games studio, all will continue the adventure without him.
According to information from NBC, Roiland has indeed been accused, and will soon have to appear, for “assault, domestic assault with bodily harm, false sequestration by threat, violence and fraud”. The charges are not new since the man has already pleaded not guilty at the end of 2020, but the case was brought to light recently following the first hearings. Justin Roiland faces several years in prison if convicted of one or more of these counts.

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