Return to Silent Hill: The Future Movie Shows Up. Notice to fans of Silent Hill 2

Return to Silent Hill: The Future Movie Shows Up. Notice to fans of Silent Hill 2

Return to Silent Hill explained his ambitions with a few words from Christophe Gans, the director of the 2006 film.

Return to Silent Hill Movie Details

During an interview which announced Return to Silent Hill, Christophe Gans explained the intentions of his new film. A feature film that will be totally disconnected from the two previous ones, which is accessible and in tune with the audience and the current horrifying cinematographic landscape with a touch of modernity. But without sacrificing the aura of the franchise and even more. Because the director and producer Victor Hadida are embarking on a very risky bet: adapt Silent Hill 2 in their own way.

This film had a huge success. We wanted to return to this wonderful story. This is Silent Hill 2. A young man who returns to Silent Hill where he met a great love. But he comes across a horrible nightmare. The first Silent Hill takes place in a city, a small town locked in mist. It is a place where one has the impression of being captured in an unknown world. But in the second game, the creators changed the rules. So we wanted to go back to Silent Hill. It’s the same city, but we’re going to experience this strange world from the main character’s point of view.

Christopher Gans via Konami.

Victor Hadida is also reassuring and very attached to the original material.

For the film adaptation, we respect the intention of the author, producer and Konami. Christophe respects the work a lot and at the same time, he has his own vision. With the director’s vision, we combined the creative idea of ​​the game’s author, and we were able to create a film that speaks to the fans.

Faced with this major challenge, which is to express the universe of Silent Hill 2 in a much shorter format, Christophe Gans wants to be respectful and humble.

Familiar but more impressive monsters

In this new movie Return to Silent Hill, the monsters will be very similar to those of Silent Hill 2… but more impressive. There will be new creatures but also iconic ones like Pyramid Head, carefully redesigned by Gans and his teams. Surprising the fans is also a point on which the director and the producer insist.

New Silent Hill games announced

Here’s a recap of all the Silent Hill games announced with the Return to Silent Hill movie badge.

  • The remake of Silent Hill 2 excluded console PS5
  • Silent Hill Townfall by an unexpected publisher and studio
  • A radically different experience with Silent Hill Ascension
  • Silent Hill f, a project that will shake up the universe of the franchise

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