Return to Monkey Island: that’s it, you’ve disgusted the creator!

Return to Monkey Island: that's it, you've disgusted the creator!

The most toxic players strike again. In their sights this time, the creator of the Monkey Island series and once again it’s a lot of hate for nothing.

Two months. This is the time that will be enough for the “fans” to disgust the creator of the Monkey Island license. Following the announcement of its big comeback, the ultimate game in the cult saga took advantage of the latest Nintendo Direct Mini to announce its release on Switch. A few hours later, Ron Gilbert expressed his fed up.

Return to Monkey Island creator disgusted with fans

To mark the occasion of its announcement on Switch, Return to Monkey Island has split a new trailer revealing some phases of gameplay and above all giving an overview of its new artistic direction. Precisely, this brand new aesthetic is not to the taste of all players, who do not hesitate to raise their grievances in a virulent way with Ron Gilbert, sometimes with great blows of personal attacks. Two months after the resounding announcement of his return, the creator of the franchise decides to abandon his main means of contact with fans.

I close the comments. People are just mean and I have to delete personal attacks in comments. It’s an incredible game and the whole team is very proud of it. Play it or not, but don’t spoil it for others. I will no longer post about the game. The joy of sharing has been taken away from me.

-Ron Gilbert

Sadly, the creator of Return to Monkey Island is just one more victim of wanton hate from fan communities across the internet. The studios are indeed regularly the target of attacks and virulent comments. We remember, for example, the case of The Last of Us 2, where false rumors had earned unprecedented harassment for the various members of Naughty Dog. It’s not just the big names. The small studio behind the adorable indie game Ooblets had also suffered a torrent of insults from PC gamers after the announcement of the financial partnership with Epic Games. These same players who had never heard of the game before, but who just wanted to spit their venom on the PC exclusives of the EGS.

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