Resident Evil Village: will the PSVR 2 game be free or paid?

Resident Evil Village: will the PSVR 2 game be free or paid?

Capcom gives us news about the port of Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2. Price, new features and release date, the latest information.

After its announcement last June during a State of Play, Resident Evil Village in its PSVR 2 version is back to give us crisp details. But will it be necessary to go back to the checkout?

Resident Evil Village reveals its price on PSVR 2

Kanda Tsuyoshi, producer at Capcom, brings us some very good news on the PSVR 2 version of Resident Evil Village. First, it is one of the launch games which will therefore be available on February 22, 2023 like the PS5 headset. With that, plus all the other titles, the line-up clearly has nothing to do with PlayStation VR.

The other unknown was the price. At the time of paid patches and the increase in game prices, one could fear having to, again, get their hands on the wallet. But not at all, Resident Evil Village will be available for free on PSVR 2 as long as you own a copy of RE Village or Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. Knowing that it’s been out for several months, those who don’t have it should be able to find it on the cheap.

A DLC offered to “download separately” which covers absolutely all the main adventure, but which excludes the very good content Les Ombres de Rose.

An immersion at the top

Far from being a simple port in a hurry obviously, Resident Evil Village will work to make the technical demonstration of all the technologies embedded in the PlayStation VR 2. 3D audio of course, eye tracking or compatibility with the new PS VR 2 Sense controllers.

Thanks to them, it will be possible to feel the interactions of the game (shooting with weapons, grabbing objects), and to perform real movements for actions. For example, to protect yourself, you will have to raise your arms and have your weapon in front of you. We can have a weapon in each hand, or even have fun reloading by manipulating the store. A fully assumed action side?

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