Resident Evil: The worst possible adaptation for the Netflix series?

Resident Evil: The worst possible adaptation for the Netflix series?

As explained Forbes, resident Evil has a 22% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes as well as a critical score of 53%. It should be noted, however, that anyone can vote as part of the audience score and no verification is required by the site. A “hater” can therefore quite negatively rate a work without even having seen or played it.

A good indicator for the Resident Evil series

Despite all this, it remains a good indicator and the reviews of Resident Evil spectators have been catastrophic. It is enough to take a look at the forums or social networks to realize that the opinion on the series is quite unanimous. Resident Evil on the small screen is struggling to convince… Moreover, when the very first trailer was published, the community was a little (a lot) divided.

A bad tribute?

This RE series takes up the screenplay tricks of the video game but with some uninspired novelties. This is also what is mostly pointed out: the lack of inventiveness and inspiration and winks that are too strong. In short, a bit like the syndrome of many video game adaptations with rare exceptions.

Available since July 14, 2022 on Netflix, the first season has eight episodes and it is difficult to know if it will have the right to have more.

What do you think of Netflix’s Resident Evil series? Did you enjoy the experience or are you interested in watching it?

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