Resident Evil 9: first information on the scenario

By evoking Resident Evil Village’s “Shadows of Rose” solo DLC, Capcom unintentionally drops a script detail on Resident Evil 9. Towards the end of a trilogy? A whole new bow? A return of old characters?

Despite himself, Capcom has just given us a first important detail of Resident Evil 9. And it goes against the so-called leak.

Resident Evil 9 is getting a fresh start

Will Resident Evil 9 be the last piece of a trilogy started by Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village? Well no ! Because according to the Japanese publisher, the “Shadows of Rose” DLC that we played – which will have a lifespan of about 4 hours – is there for “concluding the Winters family saga”. Below are spoilers for the final two episodes, including the ending.


In RE7, we play a brand new character: Ethan Winters. This simple engineer, far from the iconic members of the STARS, is looking for his wife who has been missing for 3 years, Mia Winters. At the start of RE Village, everything is going well, Ethan reunited with Mia and had a baby girl with her, Rose Winters. The same Rose that will be playable in the DLC “Les Ombres de Rose” and obviously, this is the last time that we will see the family again despite the end of Resident Evil Village.

Indeed, to save his daughter, Ethan sacrifices himself after defeating the final boss of RE8. Later, after visiting her father’s grave, Rose sees a figure. Ethan? Yes, according to a camera hack made by a netizen. We could then assume that Ethan or Rose would be in Resident Evil 9, but that definitely doesn’t seem to be the case. Will we have the honor of seeing Leon S. Kennedy, Claire / Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, or brand new characters? It is too early to tell.

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