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After the recent announcement of the “Research Section” shutdown, TF1 is preparing a double concluding episode. Invited to the Monte-Carlo Festival, Franck Sémonin teased us a grand finale, which should bring together the teams from Bordeaux and Nice.

A few weeks ago, Research Section fans learned that the TF1 detective series led by Xavier Deluc and Franck Sémonin stopped after 14 years of good and loyal service and would therefore not return to the air for a real season. 15.

A decision may be surprising given the insufficient scores achieved by season 14 on target at the start of the year (only 17.7% audience share on the FRDA-50), but also the channel’s desire to renew its offering detective fiction, as already evidenced by the cancellations of Alice Nevers and Profiling.

“We expected it, insofar as the same year TF1 had stopped Profiling and Alice Nevers, for reasons of renewal of box”, confirmed to us a Franck Sémonin little surprised by the end of the series during the 60th edition of the Monte-Carlo Festival.

“We are not fooled, we knew very well that it was going to end. We would have liked to do a fifteenth complete closing season. But TF1 still leaves us the freedom to do two closing episodes. Things have to change, that’s life. We couldn’t stay forever on TF1 “.

According to the actor, this final double episode should start shooting by the end of the year and could reserve a very nice surprise for the faithful viewers of the Research Section by bringing together the Bordeaux team, at the center of the first seven seasons, and that of Nice, which punctuated seasons 8 to 14.

“I think fans of the show will be happy”, continues the interpreter of Lucas Auriol. “From what I understood, there will normally be a rapprochement between the Bordeaux team and the Nice team for this final, to give a coherent conclusion to these 15 years spent for Xavier Deluc within the Section of research from Nice, and from Bordeaux before “.

While season 14 ended on a cliffhanger involving the characters of Jeanne (Fabienne Carat) and Sandrine (Mélanie Maudran), this final double episode should therefore not be part of the continuity of the red thread plot of the last burst of episodes.

“I had proposed to the production to see, for this final, a madly in love Lucas who sets out to conquer Sandrine, and Bernier who tries to stop all that. And they said to me” No, it’s a bit violent anyway “(laughs). So they thought of something nicer”.

Fans can therefore hope for a final in apotheosis. Who could, who knows, bring back many faces from past seasons, such as Chrystelle Labaude, Manon Azem, Jean-Pascal Lacoste, or Virginie Caliari. Although nothing has been confirmed to date.

“I think it’s going to be a nice ending, which will maybe be followed even more, because just two episodes and then the end”, confides in any case Franck Sémonin. “We can have a great success with this final”.

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