Remnant 2: The Co-op Abomination Hunt is on

Remnant 2: The Co-op Abomination Hunt is on

If you haven’t followed the Game Awards, know that we were able to discover a trailer for Remnant 2.

Within the new announcements and the World Premiere of The Game Awards, we were able to discover Remnant 2 to follow up on the adventure/survival/TPS game of 2019. The opportunity in particular to beat up demonic spawn with several people. Since if it is possible to play solo, it is also possible to experience the adventure with two friends.

Remnant 2: the return

Remnant is a bit of a mix of genres between action, adventure and RPG, all in a post-apo universe with a gothic atmosphere.

Remnant II is the sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, the video game revelation where the survivors of humanity face fearsome creatures and titanic bosses in terrifying worlds. Play solo or in co-op with two friends and explore the depths of the unknown to put an end to the evil that threatens to destroy reality itself. To achieve this, players will need to rely on their own abilities and those of their teammates to overcome the toughest challenges and save humanity from extinction.

For the combat part which is all the same the spearhead of the title, it is a mixture of melee and ranged with always obviously the presence of gigantic bosses who will come to represent an additional challenge first opus is back against devious enemies and in large-scale boss battles. Remnant 2 also insists on replayability and rewards, which makes you want to go back:

Dynamically generated dungeons and zones will test the mettle of even the most seasoned players with cleverly intricate quests, bonuses, crafting and loot. Each playthrough will be demanding, varied, and rewarding as you pull yourself out of dire situations. The game’s many stories, interwoven between the different worlds, will encourage exploration and repeat visits.

For now, the game is scheduled for 2023 on PC, Xbox Series and PS5 without further details.

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