Quentin Tarantino: his new project will surprise fans

Quentin Tarantino: his new project will surprise fans

Quentin Tarantino, Hollywood’s enfant terrible, should “soon” put an end to his film career. To retire? No, and he just confirmed one of his plans.

Quentin Tarantino still behind the camera in 2023

Quentin Tarantino (pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs…) has for the time being moved away from the spotlight to become a writer. The one who is considered one of the geniuses of cinema has indeed moved to Tel Aviv where he was able to give birth to two books. A novel adapted from his last film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and another “Cinema Speculation” in which he shares his passion for 70’s feature films between essays, reviews, personal notes and questions.

In promotion for this second book, Tarantino announced that he would shoot a series of eight episodes in 2023. On what subject? This was obviously not the place to go into details but there may be leads. Already, you should know that the director has experience on television since he directed two episodes of the show Les Experts. And normally, he should contribute to the return of Justified: City Primeval but it would not be the same project.

So what ? Over the years, Quentin Tarantino has had several ideas. It would fit well Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in a mini-series for Netflix, or even create a TV show especially for Bounty Laws, the fake series seen in his latest film. Nor did he hide his desire to do the same with The Hateful Eight, the final installment of his historic unofficial trilogy. Will it end up in oblivion like Kill Bill Vol.3?

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