Quantic Dream (Detroit) goes under the Chinese flag

Quantic Dream (Detroit) goes under the Chinese flag

It is now indeed official, the French developer and publisher Quantic Dream behind Heavy Rain, Detroit and soon on a game Star Wars was acquired by the Chinese company NetEase. Indeed the giant announced the acquisition today, following the investments in Quantic Dream three years ago.

Reassuring words for the French of Quantic Dream?

NetEase wants to be reassuring and precise that the studio will continue to operate independently, focusing on the creation and publication of its video games on all platforms. William Ding, CEO and Director of NetEase adds:

NetEase will deliver on its promise to help Quantic Dream realize its full potential. By combining the wild creativity and exceptional storytelling focus of Quantic with the powerful facilities, resources and execution capabilities of NetEase, we believe there are endless possibilities that redefine the interactive entertainment experience we provide gamers across the world. whole world.

What is certain is that with the financial means of NetEase there are indeed great possibilities for Quantic Dream to think bigger. In general, this also symbolizes greater financial security for the various projects of the French studio. An investment that should no doubt also be profitable for NetEase when we know, for example, that a certain Star Wars Eclipse is in the hands of French developers. And when a game Star Wars is around we know that a lot of money comes into play.

According to David Cage (CEO of Quantic) this should also benefit employees directly. It only remains to see what will result from this acquisition.

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