Pulp Fiction: Steve Buscemi’s surprising theory that links his character to Reservoir Dogs


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Guest on “The Late, Late Show” by host James Corden, Steve Buscemi delivered a surprising and tasty personal theory about his character Mr Pink, which he played in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

YT / Miramax screenshot

Invited this Tuesday in the show The Late, Late Show, hosted by James Corden and broadcast on CBS, to promote season 3 of Miracle Workers, Steve Buscemi cracked a tasty personal theory around his famous character he played in Reservoir Dogs, the badly named Mr Pink, which would in fact be present in Pulp Fiction!

“I don’t know if others thought about it, but because my character as Mr. Pink was such a tight-fisted he didn’t like to tip, I thought it would be a form of justice in my next one. movie with Quentin, I play a waiter. I like to think that, maybe, Mr. Pink had managed to get by in Reservoir Dogs, and that he is hiding out working as a waiter under the nickname Buddy Holly. ‘he was probably getting bad tips. That’s his fate! “

A theory that might make sense, when you consider how notoriously Tarantino is known for loving making connections between characters in his films, even if it’s very subtle at times.

Fans have long debated her character’s fate in Reservoir Dogs at the end of the film, as to whether Mr. Pink was killed by the Police outside the hangar, or managed to escape. Some even raised the idea that the diamonds he had stolen from Reservoir Dogs were in fact in the famous briefcase recovered by the killers Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta).

Still, it’s Steve Buscemi, aka Buddy Holly, who serves Mia and Vincent at fast food Jack Rabbit Slims.

Here is the sequence again, for fun and memory. Mr Pink with a wig? And why not !

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