PT: the crazy demo of Silent Hills recreated in Halo Infinity

PT: the crazy demo of Silent Hills recreated in Halo Infinity

Available for members Halo Insiders, Forge modeHalo Infinite will only be accessible to the plebs next November if all goes well. And some are already having fun with the tool.

PT, the demo of Silent Hills, in version Halo Infinity

Forge modeHalo Infinite is slow to arrive except for some lucky ones like Death Templer. The latter got their hands on it and had fun reproducing the corridor of PT The incredible PS4 demo which was Hideo Kojima’s way of announcing that he was going to work on Silent Hills, with a “S”, an episode that would have been different from this trial version. Then we know the rest, the creator was fired and the project was thrown in the trash.

In short, this is what Death Templer tried to recreate with the current limits of said mode. The level loop is absent, for example – but it could be added during an update -, just like the bathroom or especially the very distressing Lisa. However, we hear the latter with the sound of birds to reassure the most freaked out.

The only goal was to get as close to PT as possible, visually speaking, using the Forge mode tools. It’s playable without seeing the weapon in your hand. This is the last save I made before the game crashed 10 seconds later. The current state of this Forge mode didn’t allow me to save the map, so that’s what I’ve managed to accomplish so far. I had hoped I could go on for a few hours and make adjustments for a more cinematic visit, removing the weapon and lowering the FOV. That being said, I will do my best to recreate the game for the official release of Forge Mode. Both visually and functionally. Lisa’s breathing audio was the only edit I decided to play around with. I took the jumpscare off at the last minute.

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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