PSVR 2 will have 20 big games at launch, confirmed

We know a little more about Sony’s launch plans for the PSVR 2. If the manufacturer is still jealously guarding its release date, another piece of information has been revealed.

While a proper presentation of the PSVR 2 is still awaited, Sony has just unveiled a new selling point for its VR headset: the number of games available at launch.

20 Big Games When PSVR 2 Launched

Unveiled a few months ago, the PSVR 2 is still shrouded in mystery. The most pressing of them will still remain a secret for the time being. During its annual presentation, Sony did not mention a launch window for the successor to its virtual reality headset, but confirmed that it would come with a slew of games when it launched.

If for the moment only Horizon Call of the Mountain has been unveiled, the helmet will be accompanied when it is released by around twenty “big games”. Titles developed internally, such as by third-party publishers, specifies the publisher. We already know that some studios are already on the job, like Coastsin (Jurassic World Aftermath), nDreams (Ghostbuster VR) or even First Contact Entertainment (Firewall Zero Hour).

PSVR 2 number games launch
Excerpt from the presentation: 20 major games at the launch of PlayStation VR 2

However, it will still be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience before discovering which will be these 20 games available at the launch of PSVR 2. Rumors, rather credible, however indicate that Sony would prepare a new State of Play to present more fully its future helmet and its line-up.

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