PSVR 2: this PS2 launch game will have its remake, watch your eyes

PSVR 2: this PS2 launch game will have its remake, watch your eyes

More than 20 years after its initial release, Sony will resurrect a PS2 franchise into a new PSVR 2 launch game. A title to take in virtual reality.

Sony Interactivement Entertainment announces a “new game” for its PSVR 2 and not least. This is a software that a lot of players carry in their hearts despite its flaws.

Fantavision 202X unveiled on PSVR 2 in video

Surprise ! One of the PS2 launch games announces its totally unexpected return to PSVR 2. A title sometimes mocked by some, sometimes defended by others for its charm: Fantavision here renamed Fantavision 202X. It will be a remake of the original game with updated graphics, 4K and VR support.

Fantavision 202X is a rather atypical production by the late SIE Japan Studio (Gravity Rush, Forbidden Siren, Demon’s Souls, Ape Escape…), a puzzle-game simulation in which you have to shoot fireworks. Yes, you had to think about it!

The main goal is to catch at least three fireworks of the same color and shoot them into the night sky. You can also catch fireworks of different colors by using Wild Fireworks and shooting them with Daisy Chain, which combines multiple colors and collects items to start the Starmine bonus mode. With PSVR 2, you catch fireworks by aiming at them and pressing the trigger, then circle. The PlayStation VR 2 headset and its Sense controllers give you an immersive experience to fill the starry sky with sparkling fireworks.

A replay mode, in addition to solo, will allow “to stop time to enjoy the show” by modifying the scenes with various effects etc. With details on Resident Evil Village PS VR 2, the arrival of After The Fall Complete Edition, the release line-up is growing visibly.

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