PSVR 2: this hyper creepy feature prohibited for heart patients

PSVR 2: this hyper creepy feature prohibited for heart patients

Did you come close to having a heart attack with Until Dawn Rush of Blood? Its spiritual sequel The Dark Pictures Switchback VR will finish the job on PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 scare me!

PlayStation recently launched new games for its PSVR 2 including The Dark Pictures Switchback VR. A title that uses the recipe of the excellent Until Dawn Rush of Blood, but improving it with a visual rendering that is surely even more striking and increased immersion.

In addition to the possibilities allowed by the Sense controllers (adaptive triggers, haptic feedback), it is the helmet that will provide a functionality that will scare away the most fragile of hearts. The device indeed includes eye-tracking technology which will be used in two cases: to save resources and to create gameplay elements.

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR gives a very concrete and very creepy example in the video below. When you face dummies, blinking with PSVR 2 could be fatal for you because each time the enemy will get closer to the screen. Given what the studio has done with Rush of Blood, we also expect to get a screamer in the front when closing our eyes briefly.

The PlayStation VR 2 now has a release date and price that is currently being debated.

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