PSVR 2: this essential detail that will both relieve and annoy players

If Sony is slowing down communication around its PSVR 2 a little, surely in accordance with their plans, others are in charge of talking about it or even leaking the first real photo of the PS5 helmet. The youtubeur PSVR Without Word, who had revealed the technical characteristics of PlayStation VR 2 or other details related to the sending of development kits, has a new scoop which should reassure future buyers. And worry them too.

PSVR 2’s single connection cable can be replaced

In his last videoPSVR Without Parole claims that the PSVR 2 connection cable, which will connect it to the PS5, will be detachable and therefore replaceable in the event of a problem. Quite the opposite of PlayStation VR 1 where, if the cable was defective, you had to buy the device directly. Your servant has experienced this.

According to him, and as highlighted by us in the image below, the cable should still go all the way around the helmet to connect above the visor where the OLED screens are.

Photo of the location of the detachable and replaceable PSVR 2 connection cable.

If the PSVR 2 connection cable can be replaced, a disadvantage seems to be looming. One end of the cable is indeed USB-C as advertised, but the other end would have a proprietary tip. This means that apart from cables sold by Sony, it should be difficult to get one. At least initially because third-party companies should very quickly provide a solution. A little reminder all the same: if the PlayStation 5 headset has a detachable cable, it does not work wirelessly.

Competition eye tracking

Last week, we learned that the company Tobii had been selected to equip the PS VR 2 with eye tracking technology superior to the competition.

Even if we can hope for a release in 2022, the PSVR 2 would not arrive until 2023 with 20 big games at launch.

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