PSVR 2: the PS5 VR headset reveals all its strengths in video

PSVR 2: the PS5 VR headset reveals all its strengths in video

Expected for early 2023, the PSVR 2 is revealed in a big video that makes you want. Sony is reviewing all of the new features that will enhance immersion.

Communication around PSVR 2 is picking up a little more this fall. Sony has just released a best-of video of what awaits gamers with the new PS5 VR headset.

State-of-the-art PSVR 2

For its PSVR 2, Sony will go all out and mark a real break with the first model. At a reasonable price, we hope, because the VR market will remain a niche sector. In order for players to be aware of the progress, the Japanese firm has posted an advertisement “Feel a New Real”.

For nearly two minutes, the video alternates between presenting new features and extracts from Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, Firewall Ultra and The Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution. And the PlayStation VR 2 has more than one argument for him with screens 4K HDR OLED with 2000x 2040 resolution per eye with a frame rate of up to 120Hz, a 110 field of view°, the Tempest 3D audio. But these are not the most convincing elements.

What testifies to a huge gap with this new model is the high-flying eye tracking used in two ways. First of all, it allows to obtain a rendered foveal in order to save resources to put them elsewhere. Everything outside the player’s field of vision will be degraded, to maximize the details of the environments and others in front of him and on the near sides. The adjustment is done on the fly, and unless you really search, the process is apparently transparent. Leye tracking is also implemented to perform actions such as selecting gear from a weapon wheel.

Finally, when it comes to the headset itself, there will be built-in haptic feedback. Ultra-precise vibrations that could simulate the effect of a ball that grazes the player’s head.

Unreal worlds in your hands

The Sense controllers are also explained. By means of finger detection, it is possible, for example, to place the index finger on the trigger tail of a pistol or any other weapon. Like the PS5’s DualSense, each of the Sense has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. When you bend a bow in Horizon Call of the Mountain, there will obviously be resistance.

Play it safe with PSVR 2

Unlike its predecessor, the PSVR2 will have a transparent view in particular to return to the real world briefly without having to remove the helmet and reposition it on the head. You can also define your play area to exclude obstacles that would get in the way. Already present on the PSVR 1, the Cinematic mode for watching movies or playing non-VR games on an imposing projected screen, is back. And if you like to share your performances, a simple connection of a PS5 HD camera will record them.

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