PSVR 2: an announcement soon? One of the best returning VR games

PSVR 2: an announcement soon? One of the best returning VR games

Clues on the PS Store suggest that Sony could make an announcement around the PSVR 2. At the same time, the return of an excellent title on the bottom, less in the form, confirmed its return.

PSVR 2 will be available in early 2023. But for now, gamers are still in the dark about the exact release date, price, or even the launch line-up. However, things are accelerating a little more behind the scenes.

A PSVR 2 announcement in preparation for soon?

It is not yet known what form this possible future announcement will take, but the PSVR 2 should have its dedicated event. At least, we hope so, because there is still a lot to say about the virtual reality headset of the PS5. Our colleagues from Pushsquare noticed that now players can add PlayStation VR 2 games to their wishlist. This is the case of Horizon Call of the Mountain, one of the first major productions on the device.

This update in the database could suggest that the Japanese manufacturer is about to communicate. But when ? As soon as possible, but with the release of the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok, Sony could very well delay the deadline to promote one and the other well.

Firewall Ultra, the Rainbow Six VR, is announced

PSVR owners probably remember Firewall Zero Hour. An ultra immersive Rainbow Six-like that was unfortunately marred by its youthful worries. Matchmaking on the street, only one really relevant game mode or even too fast games, have reduced its overall quality.

First Contact Entertainment will endeavor to remedy this with Firewall Ultraa PSVR 2 exclusive, which is the “next evolution of the franchise”. This new episode, which takes place five years after the previous installment, will offer PvP and PvE missions with a focus on using the functionality of the helmet.

Firewall Ultra will leverage features from new PlayStation VR2 Sense technology, like eye tracking, which lets you intuitively switch weapons or view HUD indicators using the cameras built into the game. PS VR2 headset.

A sequel that wants to erase its original flaws

The studio is committed to raising the bar for graphics “thanks to 4K and HDR”. The rendering of the first installment was marred by aliasing and flickering issues. Textures, character models have been reworked, and maps rearranged with new areas. Unpublished maps and contractors (characters) are also announced, as well as further customization of the equipment.

Other problems that will go away: fast games and laborious matchmaking. For a better online experience, Firewall Ultra will have its dedicated servers. As for the matches, they will have more rounds and it will be necessary to win two out of three to achieve victory.

A real post-launch follow-up

Content shouldn’t be as starved as Firewall Zero Hour. The teams ensure that new weapons, maps and contractors will be added as the months following the release.

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