PSVR 2: a game with a crazy lifespan confirmed at launch

A new title is added to the PSVR 2 launch games. One of the most ambitious games of recent years with a now monstrous lifespan.

This is indeed No Man’s Sky, the famous sandbox of HelloGames as renowned for its post-launch controversies as it is for its insane amount of updates.

No Man’s Sky on PSVR 2 at launch

Whether No Man’s Sky quickly found itself with an ugly duckling tag following its many controversies, the studio has since ensured a titanic following. Patches and free updates have come and gone at such a breakneck pace that it’s now hard not to give the game a second chance. And this second chance, No Man’s Sky intends to take it on PSVR 2 from February 22, 2023.

According to Eurogamer, who was able to have his discovery validated by Hello Games, the game will therefore take advantage of the arrival of PSVR 2 to offer itself a re-release on PS5, with a free update, in order to be perfectly compatible with Sony’s new VR headset. It will therefore join Horizon Call of the Mountain and the other PSVR 2 launch games.

Haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and eye tracking should therefore be in the spotlight. Even if this last point will certainly not be as exploited as the next Supermassive horror game which intends to freak us out as soon as we blink.

No Man's Sky PSVR 2
Image captured by Eurogamer

For the most impatient who have not yet been seduced by the sirens of space exploration, know that No Man’s Sky is already available on almost all media. And as it stands, the title of Hello Games can keep you hanging in front of the screen for several dozen hours hands down.

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