PS5 vs Xbox vs Switch: here is the favorite console of gamers around the world

What do you think is the most popular console in the world and by region? A study on this subject gives an answer and there is something to be surprised about. PS5 or Xbox?

We therefore have the right to a very interesting study on the popularity of consoles around the world, region by region. This was carried out by futbin and the information is based on searches performed on Google over the past 12 months. So, PS5, Xbox Series or Switch?

The big winner PS5

Here are the results by country. As you can see, it’s the PS5 that wins the popularity contest hands down.


It’s very simple, except in China where it’s the Xbox that dominatesthe PS5 is popular in the most populated countries like the USA or India. It is ubiquitous in the West except in Spain and the Netherlands where it is the Nintendo Switch that wins the day. La PS5 represents the most Google searches for game consoles in 103 countries out of a sample of 184 countries. Thus, these figures indicate that the PlayStation 5 dominates the game console market. It represents 56% of market share very exactly.

La Nintendo Switch ends far behind with the greatest popularity in 36 countries. This equates to almost 19.6% of Google search over a 12 month period. In short, the PS5 is well ahead, you understand. It is interesting to note all the same the predominance of the Nintendo Switch in Central and South America where the Sony console is especially popular in Brazil.

Finally, let’s not forget that popularity does not necessarily mean with the most commercial success because in this little game it is the Nintendo Switch which is the big winner with 111 million sales worldwide.

For you, and without getting into a sterile war, what is your favorite console? ?

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