PS5: two very practical new features have arrived

Shortly after the hackers announced that they had successfully jailbreak the PS5, the console received two new updates. Of the updates routine aimed at improving “stability and performance”, as we are used to. However, the latest one hides much more than it seems.

New features are coming to PS5

The latest PS5 update has been thoroughly reviewed by the site Push-Square. As the American media reveals, version 22.02- of the console does not just “improve system performance”. Contrary to what Sony announced in its patch notes, two features have received changes. Flagship novelty of the PS5, the Activity Cards designed to help players with their activities in-game. The way they are presented when you are in game has changed.

Ps5 update Maps Activities

Rather than a list of icons that stretches in length, Activity Cards are now stored in specific folders: Solo or Multiplayer. Enough to improve readability for PS5 players fond of this feature. The second big change concerns the famous trophies. Now, the list of a game is displayed more intuitively from a dedicated map, without having to go through the menu again. It is even possible to pin certain trophies in real time without making several manipulations. A feature that should therefore delight trophy hunters.

PS5 trophies

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