PS5: towards a price increase soon?

PS5: towards a price increase soon?

This beginning of the year has not been as fruitful as hoped for Sony. The first financial quarter ended on June 30, the Japanese publisher shows a significant drop in profits as well as game sales. Despite supply problems, the PS5 sold 2.4 million copies over this period. An honorable score, and yet the price of the console could increase soon.

The PS5 soon to be more expensive?

Could the PS5 increase in price soon? This is the question posed by an investor during a dedicated meeting, indirectly referring to current issues that still affect many sectors. The shortage of components is indeed still relevant and it is accompanied by inflation. As a result, Sony has inflated the price of several of its products in Japan. What about the PS5?

Hiroki Totoki, financial director of the publisher, did not clearly answer this question, however clear. “ Regarding a possible price increase of the PS5, I cannot for the moment, share specific elements about any change he answered vaguely. No comment therefore, but the forecasts and the context mean that the price of consoles and accessories could increase in the months to come. The most recent example: the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, which suddenly rose by 50 euros. And with the increase in the prices of semiconductors and other components, we are not at the end of our troubles.

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