PS5: the surprising new console will soon be announced

PS5: the surprising new console will soon be announced

A new surprising and original PS5 should be released next year. Its official announcement would be soon, however, and we have an idea of ​​when.

With the PS5 shortage soon behind it, Sony can focus on its future models. If the rumors around a PS5 Pro are persistent, it is a more surprising model which has revealed itself before the hour. This new version of the new generation console is still talking about it and its announcement should be very soon.

Surprising new PS5 soon to be announced

A brand new PS5 would arrive and it would be original to say the least. As revealed by Tom Henderson (via Insider Gaming)a few months ago now, Sony plans to market a console with a removable blu-ray disc player by September 2023. According to the latest information from theinsider, this model “works like a charm” and should be announced very soon. Everything therefore seems to point to an announcement during CES 2023 where Sony will hold a conference on January 4, 2023 at 2 a.m. French time.

We remind you that this PS5 Slim will not really be one. It will actually replace the existing chassis (A, B and C) and will be sold under the name of the D chassis. The design of the console should remain substantially identical to what is already on the market, and the particularity of its external disk which will be plugged into the back of the console via USB-C should not clash with the aesthetics of the console. In other words, it could take on the appearance of a PS5 Digital Edition but with the possibility of attaching a blu-ray player to it. According to reliable sources of leakerthis new kind of PS5 will be sold in a solo pack or in a bundle including the external drive, which will still be available for individual purchase in case the player should give up the ghost.

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