PS5: the end of consoles sold at outrageous prices?

PS5: the end of consoles sold at outrageous prices?

The return to stock of the PS5 and the players who are ready to wait rather than spend astronomical sums have they finally got the better of the scalpers?

Almost two years after its release, within hours, buying a PS5 seems easier. In addition to larger PlayStation 5 stocks, Sony has implemented a reservation system on its own store. These two elements seem to slow the interest of scalpers.

The end of the PS5 that costs an arm?

Is the business related to the purchase and resale of PS5 collapsing? The company Netacea, which specializes in bot detection, has published a report to shed light on the products highly coveted by speculators – of which the state is one.

The PlayStation 5 is still a prime target for scalpers, but not as much as it was when it was released or even a few months ago. Sony’s console has dropped out of the top 3 bot preferences.

This is the first time the PS5 hasn’t made it into the top 3 of our rankings, reflecting the slight reduction in bots targeting the console due to increased inventory. However, its resale value remained stable, with a drop of only 2% since the last quarter.

Netacea (via VGC).

The increase in deliveries has therefore been good, even if everything is not settled and some unfortunately continue to post crazy prices.

For information, here are the top 5 products targeted by the bots:

  1. Adidas Yeezy Slide Bone
  2. Nike Dunk Low Panda
  3. Panini Donruss Optic Football Trading Cards
  4. playstation5
  5. Jordan 1 Retro Low OG UNC

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