PS5: the DualSense Edge controller sold at a crazy price

Opening Gamescom 2022 this summer, Sony introduced its PS5 Pro DualSense Edge controller. And here are the practical details to know before buying.

PS5 Pro DualSense Edge controller price and release date

What is the DualSense Edge? This is the controller, a real technological gem, of the PS5 but for professional players or those who are straddling their performance at home. Since it’s a DualSense in the background, it embeds its immersive features such as haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. But there are also customization options that you don’t see with the classic controllers sold with the consoles.

We will therefore find customizable keys and several command profiles, a dedicated interface, interchangeable sticks with different caps for various grip sensations, the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the joysticks precisely but also triggers to, for example, influence the dead zone or the travel distance. On the back paddles to have additional buttons, also useful to reconfigure all its keys in games, are available.

This new PS5 controller will be available on January 26, 2023 at a price of €239.99. This is much higher than the basic $69.99 for the DualSense, but that’s the price for this kind of customizable controller. It’s also more than Xbox Elite Series 2, but it does not have the strengths of the PlayStation 5 accessory.

Pre-order and box contents

By purchasing it, you will have the panoply of modifiable parts stored in the carrying case with the DualSense Edge controller.

  • DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
  • Braided USB cable
  • 2 standard caps
  • 2 high rounded caps
  • 2 low rounded caps
  • 2 semi-rounded rear keys
  • 2 rear paddles
  • Connector housing
  • Carrying case
PS5: the DualSense Edge controller sold at a crazy price

The stick modules can be removed later in case of problems via a replacement pack at €24.99.

Initially, it will be on pre-order on the PlayStation Direct store from October 25, 2022. And on sale through this channel on January 26, 2023. On the other hand for other traditional retailers, it will be on February 23, 2023.

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