PS5: the arrival of a cult license delayed at the last minute

The long-awaited arrival of Football Manager for the first time on the PlayStation console will not happen immediately. Football Manager 2023 is falling behind on PS5.

Like every fall, football fans can find their episode of Football Manager. For this year, SEGA has decided to hit hard by launching the franchise on PS5, a great first for a PlayStation console. However, it will remain on the bench for the moment, the publisher having postponed its release at the last minute until further notice.

Football Manager 2023, it will not be immediately on PS5

In just under two decades of existence, the Football Manager license has always shunned PlayStation players while it has been open to Xbox consoles since 2006. With its new iteration, SEGA finally intends to correct the situation and repair this injustice. . Football Manager 2023 was to be available on PS5 on November 8, 2023, at the same time as all other platforms. However, there was a last minute change. SEGA announces a last minute postponement for Football Manager 2023 on PS5 due to “dunforeseen complications during the approval process “.

We are devastated by this result, which we have worked tirelessly with our partners for several weeks to try to remedy. It was particularly difficult to make the decision to delay, as it involves holding back a great game that a number of talented people at SI have been working hard on for quite some time. We will continue to do everything in our power to get this game into the hands of PS5 players as soon as possible.

Miles Jacobson, director of Sports Interactive.

Soccer Manager 2023

No new release date has therefore been advanced, the publisher awaiting approval to finally be able to bring its license to PS5. Those who pre-ordered Football Manager 2023 on the PS Store will be refunded. SEGA promises to give news as soon as possible. However, all other versions are not affected by this last-minute change.

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