PS5: surprise, the state has also become a scalper

PS5: surprise, the state has also become a scalper

The sale of state-confiscated PS5s has ended. It was to be expected that it was not the good plan hoped for by some and it found takers at an excessive price.

Remember the infamous PS5 state sale? The auction of the consoles ended on Tuesday, October 4 and it took an unexpected turn to say the least. The state has made as much money as a scalper.

The State sold a PS5 for more than 1300€

The PS5 is still very hard to find. Many are those who hope to get their hands on a console and jump on offers when it is in stock. Some are ready to do anything, even to spend crazy sums of money. It makes the happiness of scalpers … and the state. Recently, the Agency for the Management and Recovery of Seized and Confiscated Assets (AGRASC) put two PS5s up for sale and one of them was sold for the modest sum of… €1,340.

The bundle included a PlayStation 5, two controllers and six games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Watch Dogs: Legion. Its starting price was 450 euros, against the 550 euros requested since the price increase. A second console should also be sold in stride. It remains to be seen whether buyers will also get excited about this second batch, which will only contain the PS5 and a single controller.

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