PS5: soon even more stunning facial animations?

Internally, Sony is implementing new tools to further perfect the facial animations of future PS5 and PlayStation 4 exclusives, all thanks to AI.

In recent years, developers have been keen to put a point on realism. A desire that notably involves more controlled facial animations in order to best transcribe the performance of the actors. Often hailed on this point in its exclusives, Sony is preparing to take a new step for its PS5 productions.

Towards more advanced facial animations for PS5 games?

A new patent from Sony (via gamer) points to better facial animations in PS5 and PS4 games. The objective of this new technology: to give a boost to the animators. The performance capture process would be the same as usual, i.e. filming an actor’s face with 3D cameras to recapture their entire performance as polygons. Currently, employees must then manually work on facial movements and expressions to best match theacting acting and perfect the animations.

PS5 facial animations
Excerpt from the patent

The technique patented by the Japanese giant, on the other hand, aims to train an AI to make their task easier. It would capture an actor’s facial expressions as efficiently as possible to minimize the work of the animators. They would then no longer have to fill in the gaps but focus on even more extreme precision. Here the technique would serve more as a support for the teams than as a replacement. With this process, Sony undoubtedly hopes to create a new standard in terms of facial animations for its future PS5 exclusives, but also to save time and money. Difficult to know if and when it will be able to be put into practice.

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