PS5: Sony is developing an AI capable of replacing players

Moreover, enormous progress has been made on this subject, in particular with Sophy, the AI Gran Turismo 7 able to bend the best real and virtual pilots from all over the world. Soon, the manufacturer could replace players with super-intelligent AIs altogether.

Sony wants to help its gamers with AI

This is indeed what a recent patent suggests, which is added to a whole bunch of others. According to the latest elements, Sony would aim to develop an AI intelligent enough to imitate, and even replace, players by taking on complex tasks modeled on human behavior. Understand by this that with this AI, it would be possible to “pass the controller” to an artificial intelligence that would play in our place as naturally as possible. This technique would allow, according to the patent, to level the players said “afk” online, or to help in real time certain others to overcome obstacles which they would consider too difficult (in solo or in multiplayer).

PS5: Sony is developing an AI capable of replacing players
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Multiplayer soon to be polluted by bots?

No need to read between the lines to understand that Sony is working on what looks very much like in-house bots capable of replacing any online player. And if it can help some users to take the plunge, why not, but it could also curb the desire for quite a few others. Bots are indeed a real nuisance on many games and have a very bad reputation, often affiliated with cheaters or losing games that are desperate to fill their online servers.

The deployment of a proprietary AI capable of infiltrating any game would therefore not be the best idea, but it is still far too early to draw conclusions anyway. As usual, a patent filing gives above all an indication of the work in progress. This must most certainly be added to much larger and denser research, the scope of which we cannot yet measure. However, Sony is indeed looking for a way to leverage artificial intelligence in its games and more.

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