PS5 Slim: the release date would be fixed

Rumors are once again swelling about the new version of the PS5 that Sony would be preparing in the greatest secrecy.

If it is obvious that Sony is already working on new models, Slim and / or Pro, of its PS5, it could be that we can see the result sooner than expected.

PS5 Slim in 2023

A PS5 Slim for the start of the 2023 school year?

New chassis, lighter console and removable drive would therefore be on the program for this PS5 Slim which could see the light of day as early as September 2023 according to Insider Gaming sources (Tom Henderson).

It is indeed reported that with this new PS5 Sony would opt for a complete overhaul of the current design of the console, this time betting on something a little thinner, with, most certainly, new components, although nothing seems to affirm that the performance of the machine is modified.

A new console lighter than the last versions, and with a new design, which would be partly due to the presence of an external game player, also mentioned many times, but whose existence has never been confirmed. more.

According to Henderson’s sources, this removable drive should be supplied alone (perfect for current digital PS5 owners), or in a pack with the new machine. The latter would connect directly to the back of the PS5 via the USB-C ports and could even be added to the console to take up minimal space while ensuring a beautiful aesthetic. As a reminder, Microsoft is also working on a somewhat similar external drive concept.

With the confirmed release of PSVR 2 for the beginning of next year and this new dose of information concerning the potential release of a PS5 Slim for the month of September next, the year 2023 promises to be busy at PlayStation, d as much as the brand had already announced a significant increase in its production of consoles.

Obviously, we will take all this with a grain of salt while waiting to get to the bottom of it.

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