PS5 Slim: a 2cm thick console with watercooling created

PS5 Slim: a 2cm thick console with watercooling created

While the PS5 Pro, a more powerful model that could better handle ray tracing, is on everyone’s lips, a fan has just achieved a small feat. With a bit of knowledge and resourcefulness, he managed to create a truly slim PS5 Slim.

A PS5 Slim with 2cm thick watercooling

With its imposing stature, the PS5 is one of the biggest consoles created. A size that often earned him the title of a monolith, and rightly so. However, a certain Matt from the YouTube channel DIY Perks managed to create a new model: a functional PS5 Slim of only 2 cm thick. A result he was only able to achieve by getting rid of almost all the ventilation elements of the console and replacing them with a custom system.

This PS5 Slim is therefore equipped with a system of water cooling homemade which improves the thermal performance of the console. Result, by playing several hours at Horizon Forbidden West, the SoC is around 65 degrees maximum compared to around 75 degrees on the original console. In other words, this handmade PS5 Slim managed to reduce chip temperatures by 13%, memory by 45% and VRM by 38%. Obviously not everything is perfect, especially since the creator cheats with an imposing power supply designed to be out of sight. But we can only salute the result.

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