PS5 Pro & Xbox Series 2: games already in development? It becomes clearer

PS5 Pro & Xbox Series 2: games already in development? It becomes clearer

Rumors around the PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series start again. While a television manufacturer had set fire to the powder last May by releasing some information, a insider reputed added his two cents.

The PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series Already with the developers?

The PS5 Pro would be a reality, just like the Xbox Series mid gen. Dataminer famous and leaker with information often well felt, the famous Tez2 well known to the community Rockstar claims that the dev kits of the two consoles would already be in the hands of the developers. ” Most AAA studios should have received the dev kits or will receive them early next year “, he specified on GTAForum. That wouldn’t be a prediction of theinsider a lot of concrete information.

Sources of Tom Henderson confirm, however, that it would not be the new console planned for 2023 but possibly the PS5 Pro. We recall that Sony would have in its boxes a surprising model with a removable blu-ray player and an additional USB-C port. Its hardware would be substantially similar to that of the original PS5. Sony is planning to produce 18.5 million copies of this model during the fiscal year of 2023. The PS5 Pro should therefore not arrive before 2024 based on information from theinsider.

A date that seems to agree with the estimates of TCL Technology reported last May. The television manufacturer had announced that the PS5 Pro the new one or more Xbox Series could be launched in 2023/204. Mid-gen consoles would be able to display 8K resolution and would offer 2160p (4K) at 60 or 120 fps. All this is obviously to be taken conditionally as long as there has been no official announcement from Sony or Microsoft.

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