PS5 Pro soon to be announced with a huge change?

PS5 Pro soon to be announced with a huge change?

According to a new rumor, Sony is preparing to market a PS5 Pro in just a few months. It would include a power gain, but also a big change.

Here it is, here it is: the first PS5 Pro rumor of the year has arrived. According to the serious sources of Tom Henderson, Sony would prepare a surprising console but which would not have big changes in terms of hardware. However, new rumors suggest that there would be a model with greater performance and a major change.

A PS5 Pro marketed in a few months?

The PS5 Pro could arrive in April 2023. In any case, this is what our colleagues from PhonAndroid, who cite an anonymous source who has provided them with valuable truthful information in the past. According to them, the Japanese publisher is therefore preparing to launch a more powerful version of its next-gen console in a few weeks. According to their informant, it would be a real revision of the machine, and not a simple Slim version as claimed by Tom Henderson. We should therefore expect an increase in performance with a new chip from AMD, without knowing the content of this power gain.

According to the French media, this PS5 Pro would be delivered with a major change which would be at the level of the cooling system. Sony would indeed plan to replace the current one, based on a metal compound and a fan, with a real “watercooling” system. With this liquid cooling that we find in the high-end PC gamer, the new PlayStation 5 should therefore manage heat better, which would not be too much if it does indeed have a more powerful chip.

This new rumor therefore contradicts information from Tom Henderson, who foreshadowed the arrival of a Slim model with a detachable disk drive. L’insider American having always had leaks reliable concerning Sony, the new rumors are to be taken with a lot of hindsight. PhonAdroid themselves urge the utmost caution with their PS5 Pro info. If they are true, we should have news very soon, probably during a State of Play. The Japanese publisher had in any case teased the arrival of a new PS5. To be continued…

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