PS5: Naughty Dog on a big mysterious project

PS5: Naughty Dog on a big mysterious project

Obviously something massive is preparing on the side of Sony for the PS5 with the involvement of the studio Naughty Dog that we no longer present. This is what we know.

Obviously it looks like Sony is building a new in-house game development team in partnership with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts and Naughty Dog. As a reminder, PSS Arts Visuels is a company specialized in motion capture cutscenes and animation. So a big AAA PS5 game is on the way.

A brand new AAA game for PS5?

For the moment, very few details are known about the PS5 game, we do know that it will be a “high visibility project” who has “a clear vision and an exit plan“. It is via a job offer for the search for a senior producer at PlayStation Global that we can know the information. The whole thing was spotted by will reset.

Here is part of the description of the offer:

This high visibility project is developed in collaboration with Naughty Dog. Although not yet announced, we have a clear vision and release plan. Using our existing expertise and top talent, we will ensure high visual quality for the PS5 game and a compelling experience for our players.

Our team is looking for a dedicated, focused and driven Producer with a proven breadth of experience and a history of building processes to help the team reach their highest potential. As the ideal candidate, you are proficient in all aspects of AAA game production and management. You are an organized and attentive leader, strategic and thoughtful in all interactions with internal and external partners. Most importantly, your experience will guide the cultural growth and capabilities of the team.

Obviously the first idea that comes to mind is the potential development of a The Last of Us : Part II remake even if the release of the original game seems a bit too recent for that. A new Uncharted ? Everything is possible like a completely new license for the PS5. Wait and see.

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