PS5: it’s a hit, great news if you want it

PS5: it's a hit, great news if you want it

Sony Interactive Interactively went to CES 2023 in Las Vegas to announce lots of good news. And unsurprisingly, the PS5 was at the heart of this speaking out.

Over 30 million PS5s sold

No announcement of the new PS5 as initially anticipated, but the manufacturer has provided an update on the situation of its console after more than two years on the market. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan said the PlayStation 5 had sold over 30 million units, with around 10.7 million machines in the current fiscal year alone, with December being the most lucrative month ever. The manufacturer is maintaining its sales forecast of 18 million in total by March 31, 2023, or 7.3 million more than currently.

Even if the PS5 was struggling because of the shortage, it is on track to break records. To the point of doing better than the PS4? It’s hard to say, but when the stocks are there, we see that it’s getting back on track. For example, it took less time than its big sister to go from 20 to 30 million, than to make the leap from 10 to 20 million when supply concerns were at their highest. It shows that the major means deployed, and above all the regularization of the situation, have borne fruit.

PlayStation 5s for everyone (cheh the scalpers)

During his speech, Jim Ryan also said what all buyers looking for a console wanted to hear:

Anyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one from retailers around the world, from now on.

He’s bluffing? Not really. In France alone, we have seen a considerable increase in stocks in recent weeks with many units blooming on sites and in the usual stores. Good news for buyers but very bad news for speculators who will no longer be able to resell their PS5s at outrageous prices. Especially since Sony has implemented a radical method to counter them.

On your side, were you able to have a console under the tree? Tell us everything in comments.

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