PS5: here’s when the new consoles could be shown

PS5: here's when the new consoles could be shown

Sony gives us an appointment for an event around its next technologies. Can we expect to have news of the next PS5?

PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim… The next console models from the Japanese firm are in the crosshairs of the brand and fans, even if the new gen has been slipping a bit since its launch and is still struggling to make itself fully available. Anyway, Sony is already working on the sequel and we could have news soon.

Sony gives us an appointment

The manufacturer has just given us an appointment at CES 2023 which will take place in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. Sony will hold a conference there on January 4, 2023 to reveal its future plans and current technological projects, such as the famous car with integrated PS5.

And if we are wondering about a possible presentation of the next PS5 models, or about sharing some information about them, it is because it was during this show that the PSVR 2 was presented for the first time last year, between two QD-OLED TV models. It could therefore be that the manufacturer gives us a little surprise for this 2023 vintage in Vegas.

PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim: what we know about the next consoles

Although we do not yet know when these consoles will arrive, we can however be sure that they will arrive. Sony has already launched different PS5 models with some barely perceptible changes to lighten them up, and another machine is already on the way.
According to the latest rumors, a PS5 Slim would be on the way for the start of the 2023 school year and would drastically change its design. A removable drive was also mentioned and might even be sold separately. As for the PS5 Pro, on the other hand, the information is much thinner and almost nothing. But its release seems inevitable, especially when we see the success of the PS4 Pro on the previous generation.

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