PS5: great news for the Chinese excluded between FF15 and DmC

PS5: great news for the Chinese excluded between FF15 and DmC

The Chinese action game Lost Soul Aside quickly captured the attention of players with an impressive trailer during its reveal in 2016. Its developer Yang Bing has two news for PS5 and PS4 owners.

A release window for Lost Soul Aside on PS5 and PS4

Lost Soul Aside is basically a one-man project, South Korean developer Yang Bing. After seeing and falling in love with FF15, he got it into his head to design his own game with the primary inspiration, guess what, Final Fantasy 15 of course. The design of the hero is still as much reminiscent of that of the protagonist of the Square Enix RPG.

But Yang Bing’s title, which is an action-RPG, is also greatly influenced by another cult Japanese franchise, Devil May Cry. Highlighted by Sony Interactive Entertainment during the PS Experience and their China Hero Project incubation program, which aims to help Chinese developers make quality games on consoles, the game planned for PS5 and PS4 is now fully supported by PlayStation which becomes the publisher. You should know that in the past, Sony and the creator had already approached each other, thus giving Yang Bing the necessary resources, both material and human, to move to another level.

And after years of hard work, Lost Soul Aside is slated for release in early 2024. While the gameplay from the latest trailer will be captured on PC, it will only land on PS5 and PS4. However, given Sony’s new policy vis-à-vis this platform with the arrival of more and more ports, nothing should be ruled out regarding a PC version later.

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