PS5: big changes for the interface are coming, but there is a catch

As the PS5 blew its second candle last week, Sony made some discreet changes to the console’s interface. Modifications that have been discovered by American players. Here is what will evolve.

PS5 Explore page gets a makeover

Change is coming to the PS5. In the United States, users have seen drastic changes in the Explorer page of the console menu for a few days. Rather than accumulating the articles of the PS Blog on which you had to click to see the content, it now highlights more interesting information. It is therefore possible to see the activity of his friends and especially a summary of your level of Trophies, showing you your progress to the next rank. By scrolling a little further, players can discover news posts about followed games and even articles from PlayStation ranging from trailers or details on the collector’s edition controller of God of War Ragnarok for example.
New PS5 Explore interface via PushSquare

No need to look for the page ” Explore on your PS5, the feature is restricted to the United States only. Instead, we have an Official News tab in the Game Base which is close to it but which is much less extensive since it looks like a classic Activity Card. With this discreet update, Sony responds to one of the criticisms of the user interface of the PS5. Many were those who regretted the menu ” News from the PS4 which displayed similar information. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturer will decide to deploy this page in all territories in the future. update.

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